Welcome to Headway Northampton C.I.O

1982 – 2019

37 years of providing specialist support and advice.

Headway Northampton a specialist unit focusing on the therapuetic rehabilitation,

of both traumatic and acquired brain injury residing in Northamptonshire.

Mission Statement

To support persons who have suffered brain injuries and reside in the county of Northamptonshire, by the provision of such services, persons and facilities required by them and their relatives.

Registered Charity No: 1158332

Headway Northampton is a charitable incorporated organisation, a registered charity, and a member of the voluntary sector based near the centre of Northampton. We offer specialist, social and therapeutic activities on a daily basis, for those that have sustained traumatic or acquired brain injury. Our facilities are provided in a safe and pleasant environment. This environment encourages self development for the brain injured person and helps our service users to maintain the rehabilitation that has already been achieved.All of this in turn improves their quality of life, giving a sense of purpose and belonging and providing much needed respite and support for carers and relatives.

How we help...

For people with brain injury from age 18 to 70, our service pledge is to assist with:

Individual assessments

Support and advice for brain injured persons, relatives and carers

Referrals taken from all sources

Social and therapeutic workshops

Structured Programmes for all Service Users

Affordable lunchtime menu catering for individual dietary needs where possible

Signposting to and liaising with other agencies


Answering your questions